Primitive Technology- This guy is amazing

7 responses to “Primitive Technology- This guy is amazing”

  1. I want this guy on my team when SHTF. Very impressive. I am tempted to send him a Wilson volleyball. The guy has done his homework. His vids should be mandatory viewing by undergrad archaeology students.


  2. I was just watching him last night. Fascinating stuff. And not a word spoken.


  3. SFC Dunlap 173d RVN Avatar
    SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

    Primitive survival mansion!


  4. Well, those roof tiles do depend on finding the right bits of clay in the ground. Still. I’ll bet he could knock up a woven/thatched roof in a jiffy.


  5. Go check out his YouTube channel. He’s done just that. And much, much more.


  6. At “in The Old Corps” we call him the Silent Australian. He’s exceptional, as a friend of mine says, “operating on a different level.”


  7. I can’t even walk across my carpet barefooted.
    That guy rocks.


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