5.56mm minigun

Why, yes, yes I would like to have a hand held 5.56mm electrically powered minigun.


But it isn’t the first 5.56mm minigun. GE, original makers of the minigun, did test a 5.56mm version, but decided it had no advantages over its slightly larger cousin, the M134 in 7.62mm.

2 responses to “5.56mm minigun”

  1. ultimaratioregis Avatar

    Think of how many innocent women and children can be murdered by law-abiding white male NRA members with that thing!!!


  2. The XM214 was such that not even my Twilight 2000 players ever took one.
    Both the M134 and XM214 are too heavy to be ground guns.
    Once you have a vehicle to carry and power it, the weight savings of the 5.56 version don’t matter near so much, so why not mount the heavier gun?
    I’ve seen the Abrams that was converted to have an M134 coax. Really neat, but it’d be out of ammo in nothing flat. Never mind all the brass and links to be rid of.


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