World of Warships- Killing Spree

Some are pretty legit, and others, well, I’m not above stealing a kill…

2 responses to “World of Warships- Killing Spree”

  1. Noticed the different weapons sight picture on a couple of those shots. Can you select different “views” for sighting system or was it related to a specific weapon?


  2. The zoom, or “binocular view” used when shooting offers a variety of different reticles to to the player.
    When I use a screen capture program during the actual battle, you can see the reticle I use.
    But most of the time, I don’t live record the battle (they tend to generate enormous files, and I don’t want to clog up the hard drive).
    But World of Warships doesn’t organically support replays, and so you get a few minor issues when you hack a replay, and record it. For instance, you don’t see the aiming reticle used in the battle. Another is that the torpedo prediction indicator is often not what was actually shown in the battle.


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